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  • Are they compostable?
    Made from sustainable FSC papers, every World Brand paper straw is eco-friendly and compostable, with the ability to decompose in 30-60 days.
  • Are they biodegradable and safe for the environment?
    Yes! World Brand straws are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are a fantastic earth-friendly alternative to plastic straws, which can pollute and damage the environment and leak into our waterways.
  • Are paper straws recyclable?
    Even though our straws are made out of paper, most recyclers will not accept food contaminated paper products. So depending on your recycling facility, they may be, but most likely not. That is why we suggest composting our straws instead.
  • Are they FDA Approved?
    World Brand is 100% FDA and EU food-grade approved materials. Consumers can trust that World Brand paper straws are safe for all family, friends, and guests to use.
  • Do your straws really go 24 hours without unraveling?
    Yes! Our straws are specially manufactured so that customers can enjoy their beverage at their own pace without the paper unraveling or falling apart, even if it's 24 hours!
  • Are your straws made for hot beverages?
    Yes! However, we recommend not stirring the paper straw heavily in hot beverages because paper naturally softens when exposed to steam.
  • Can I return my paper straws for any reason?
    Due to Health and Safety concerns, we have a No Returns policy once the Product has left the custody of World Brand. The only exception to this policy is where a claim is made for a defect in materials or workmanship
  • Product Replacement Circumstances
    Defective Product Should an item be found to be defective upon receipt, please notify a World Brand representative at 1-866-426-2789. A World Brand representative will work with you to have defective product returned at no charge. Returned items must be returned in their original quantity ordered and include the original carton, packaging, and receipt paperwork within 10 business days of receipt of the Product. Defective products will be replaced as soon as possible. All orders are non refundable. If Your Order Does Not Arrive Please wait seven days to notify us if your merchandise does not arrive. We will assist the Buyer in filing a tracer with the selected carrier by providing pertinent information that may be required. Upon notification from the carrier of a non-delivery, the merchandise will be replaced.
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